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Statement: Membership Applicants and Sponsors

Statement: Membership Applicants and Sponsors

By shhkadmin2In standard4th March, 2019


Mar 4, 2019 – It has been reported that there are Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) members who are prepared to endorse SHHK membership applications as member-sponsors for a fee.  SHHK hereby states that it views this as an abuse of membership privileges which it does not tolerate.  SHHK will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against members who seek payment or benefit in-kind in exchange for membership endorsement.


Should you be aware of members who are seeking payment for endorsing membership applications, please let us know so that we can investigate further.  Reports should be made to the Secretary General at 62228212 or  All reports will be treated with strictest confidentiality.


SHHK expects members to uphold the good reputation of the Association and to abide by the laws of Singapore.  Members are advised to only sponsor applicants whom they are familiar with and who believe in the mission of SHHK and who will act in the best interest of the Huay Kuan.