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Dance Theatre


Founded in 1989, the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre (SHHKDT) began as an avocational troupe offering dance courses and performance opportunities for enthusiasts. SHHKDT’s training focuses primarily on Chinese Classical and Ethnic Folk Dance, with elements of Chinese martial arts and gymnastics are inventively incorporated.

Over the years, SHHKDT has excelled in both the local and overseas arts scene. Its biennial dance performance features a repertoire of original works and often receives positive reviews from both the general public and industry practitioners.

Apart from performances, SHHKDT also conducts community and school outreach programmes.  SHHKDT’s mantra has always been keeping heritage, strengthening traditions and infusing new elements.

In 2013, SHHKDT received a Seed Grant from the National Arts Council in recognition of its enduring influence in the local arts scene, paving its way to becoming a key professional Chinese dance company.

In 2017, SHHKDT was renamed Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre to better reflect its leadership position and role in the promotion of Chinese Dance in Singapore and the region.