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BiCEP Network Facebook Group

BiCEP Network Facebook Group

By shhkadmin2In standard27th February, 2018

Launched in 2007 by SHHK, the Bi-cultural Chinese Elective Programme (BiCEP) is a 3 year programme for P4 to P6 students in our five affiliated primary schools to raise their interest towards Chinese language and to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and values. This programme grooms students into bicultural individuals who will be able to connect with the region and contribute to Singapore’s future development.

The curriculum covers 4 areas, with topics ranging from Chinese history and culture to analyzing literature text, a comparative study of Chinese and English language as well as to hone oral skills. Activities organised for the programme include P4 BiCEP quiz, BiCEP camp, P5 overseas immersion programme and P6 graduation ceremony.

The first batch of 163 students graduated from the programme in 2009. To date, 1586 students have completed the programme.

In 2016, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan celebrated the BiCEP 10th Anniversary where the BiCEP Network was launched by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence, to reconnect with BiCEP graduates.  BiCEP Network consists of a Facebook group for BiCEP graduates to keep in touch with fellow graduates and also to maintain their interest in bilingual and bi-cultural studies. Members of the Facebook group will be updated with various bi-cultural activities and news. BiCEP graduates who do not have a Facebook account may wish to send your email address to to be added to the BiCEP Network contact list whereby you will be able to receive updates on our exciting activities.

To join the Facebook group, please click on the picture below.