FAQ FOR PHASE 2B | Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan





1.        What are the criteria to be recommended for Phase 2B registration?

        • Minimum of two [2] consecutive years of membership by 30 June of the year of registration; AND
        • Completed a minimum of eighty [80] hours of volunteer service with or through SHHK


2.     Does having a recommendation from SHHK in Phase 2B registration stand a better chance of securing a place in the school than parent volunteers and community leaders?

All three categories stand equal chance. Balloting will be necessary if number of applicants exceeds number of vacancies.


3.        How do I apply for my child to be registered for Phase 2B during the year that my child is due for registration?

SHHK will make available an electronic copy of the application form “Application for Recommendation to Register Under Phase 2B of the MOE Primary One Registration Exercise” from 30 April to 30 June of the current year to members who have informed SHHK of the intended Year of Registration of their children. Members can also obtain the form from SHHK Secretariat office located at 5 Sennett Road Singapore 466781.


The duly completed form must be submitted to SHHK Secretariat office together with a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate before 30 June of the year of registration in person. Original copy of the parents’ NRIC and the child’s birth certificate are to be produced during submission for sighting.


4.        When is the year that my child is due for registration?

The Primary One Registration Exercise is an exercise for a child to register for a Primary One place in a mainstream school in the following year. Therefore, the year of registration will be one [1] year before your child starts school. Please refer to MOE’s website for more information.


5.        Does a member’s child automatically get to register under Phase 2B?

No. Members may apply to have his/her child recommended by SHHK to be placed under Phase 2B registration, however, applicants who do not meet the in-house criteria will not obtain SHHK’s recommendation.


6.        Does living within 1 km from the school help in obtaining SHHK’s recommendation?

No. Distance from the school is only considered during the MOE balloting process and not during SHHK recommendation process.


7.        After obtaining SHHK’s recommendation, is there anything else I could do in order to secure a place for my child with the specific school?

No. Everything should be done before submitting application. If there are more applications than vacancies, balloting will be conducted by MOE. The balloting process is beyond jurisdiction of SHHK.


8.        Does making a donation to the school or SHHK help in securing a place?



9.        Will I be notified if my application receives a recommendation?

You will be informed by SHHK via email on the status of your application after the closing date.  Members who are recommended will subsequently be notified by the school to complete the registration in school.


10.      Are we allowed to apply for more than one Huay Kuan school?

No. Your application will be rejected by the MOE system if you submit applications for more than one school.


11.      Are we allowed to change our choice of school after submitting the application?



12.      How is the Phase 2B balloting process carried out?

MOE rules state that balloting is carried out according to the following order of priority:

        • Children living within 1 km of the school.
        • Children living between 1 and 2 km of the school.
        • Children living outside 2 km of the school.


13.      Should my child be balloted out, what else can I do if I still want my child to be in the school?

You may apply under phase 2C. In the event that phase 2C is unsuccessful, you may appeal directly to the school to be put on the waiting list.


14.    Where can I find more information of P1 registration?

For more information on school registration, you may wish to visit MOE’s website: www.moe.gov.sg.

* All information above is correct at time of publication. SHHK reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the information at any time by posting the amended version on its website. Please check our website www.shhk.com.sg periodically for changes. The information serves only as references and parents are advised to keep themselves continually updated on the latest MOE policies on school registration.